Collaborative Data Science Projects along the Central Coast


Santa Barbara

All undergraduate data science fellows at UCSB participate in a capstone project. The class is taught concurrently in Computer Science (CMPSCI 190DD/DE/DF) and Statistics and Applied Probability (PSTAT 197A/B/C). Projects study data science from the systems engineering perspective, introduce and address a variety of ethical issues that arise in data science projects, and engage students in project-based learning through a series of carefully selected and curated data science studies. See for more information on the class and a complete list of projects.

San Luis Obispo

Data science students at Cal Poly pursue capstone through enrollment in DATA 451 and 452. Students work with clients on the team-based design, implementation, deployment and delivery of a system or methodology that involves working with and analyzing large quantities of data. Students learn project management, technical documentation, quality assurance, integration and systems testing, design and conduct of empirical studies, and the visualization and presentation of results orally and in writing.

UCSB Capstone Projects, 2023 


UCSB Capstone Projects, 2022 


Cal Poly Capstone Projects, 2021

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