Demographic Predictors of Climate Opinion


About the Project

The aim of our project with the ENVENT Lab was to explore how demographic attributes are differentially predictive of climate opinion in different countries, continents, and time periods. To pursue this, our project consisted of two parts. In the first we cleaned and organized covariate data from 140+ surveys and merged the demographic information into existing data processing routines. Then we developed preliminary and exploratory predictive models to gain insights into our question of interest. We were ultimately able to set the foundation for further exploration of the data in the next iteration of the project as a result of completing the necessary proof of concepts; which we did by honing in on the demographic of gender as it relates to various climate opinion metrics through different methods of modeling.

  Student Team

  • Emma Franzblau
  • Annie Adams
  • Andrew Bissell
  • Johnny Yu


  • Matto Mildenberger, Sponsor
  • Adam Waterbury, Faculty



Founded in 2016, the Energy and Environment Transitions (ENVENT) Lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) is a hub for climate policy advocacy, climate communication, and environmental politics research. The ENVENT Lab is co-directed by Prof. Leah Stokes and Prof. Matto Mildenberger. Learn more about ENVENT lab's research and activities here