Modeling Neurodegeneration with Single Cell RNA Sequencing


About the Project

This project aims to model neurodegeneration in brain organoids by single-cell RNA sequencing. Through the use of statistical methods we are aiming to compare differences in gene expression between control and mutant brain organoids. In addition we aim to identify cell populations that are more or less abundant in the mutant brain organoids. Thus, we are aiming to gain insight in disease mechanisms that lead to neurodegeneration.

 Student Team

  • Sara Mandic
  • Jake Stenger
  • Nancy Zha


  • Stella Glasauer, Sponsor
  • Megan Elcheikhali, TA


About NRI and Prof. Kosik's Neurobiology Lab

The mission of the Neuroscience Research Institute (NRI) is to foster knowledge and understanding of the nervous system by serving as a center for scientific research breakthroughs. The NRI is a group of investigators whose collective goal is to create an intellectual atmosphere conducive to exploration at the frontiers of human knowledge where disciplinary boundaries disappear. Investigators in the NRI recognize that the interests of neuroscience extend broadly from repair and prevention of human disease to the principles that underlie the development and function of nervous systems, from the human mind to the single molecular building blocks of the brain.

The Kosik lab is interested in fundamental biological processes related to the brain and evolution. Using the cellular, molecular, genetic and bioinformatic tools, and cutting edge technologies including single cell RNA-sequencing, microelectrode array, stem cell derived organoids, and CRISPRi screening, we are trying to understand the underlying molecular mechanism of neuroplasticity and neurodegenerative diseases.