RPLIB and ‘Rankability’

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About the Project

We present an improved library for the ranking problem called RPLIB. RPLIB includes the following data and features. (1) Real and artificial datasets of both pairwise data (i.e., information about the ranking of pairs of items) and feature data (i.e., a vector of features about each item to be ranked). These datasets range in size, application, and source. (2) RPLIB contains code for the most common ranking algorithms such as the linear ordering optimization method and the Massey method. (3) RPLIB also has the ability for users to contribute their own data, code, and algorithms. Each RPLIB dataset has an associated .JSON model card of additional information such as the number and set of optimal rankings, the optimal objective value, and corresponding figures.


  • Brandon Tat, Computer Science
  • Charlie Ward, Computer Science
  • Dr. Paul Anderson, Computer Science