DamageMap: A post-wildfire damaged buildings classifier

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Fires are increasing in both intensity and occurrence in the US and this trend is predicted to worsen. In 2017, 50,629 structures were been lost to wildfire in the US. DamageMap was developed by an interdisciplinary team at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and Stanford using public Cal Fire damage assessments and other open data sources to help rapidly determine the extent of damage in the wake of a wildfire.

This project aims to validate DamageMap on more wildfire sites, test the impact of spatial resolution on accuracy, and fine-tune the model to improve accuracy on new fire sites.

Top 20 Most Destructive CA Wildfires
Top 20 Most Destructive CA Wildfires


Erik Luu, Computer Science & Software Engineering

Khoa Ly, Computer Science & Software Engineering

Akimmi Navarro, Computer Science & Software Engineering

Srinivas Sundararaman, Computer Science & Software Engineering

Jonathan Ventura, Computer Science & Software Engineering

Cristal Verduzco, Social Sciences

Cameron White, Social Sciences

Reed Williams, Social Sciences

G. Andrew Fricker, Social Sciences