Impacts of a documentary: The Social Dilemma - analyzing changes in social media usage behavior


About the Project

In 2020, The Social Dilemma became the most popular movie on Netflix. The documentary reveals the downsides of the major social media platforms.

The goal of this project is to analyze the impact of The Social Dilemma on its audience’s attitudes towards social media. Does watching this movie increase/decrease/not change people’s social media usage?

To answer this question, we performed a series of statistical analyses on user-generated posts from Twitter and Reddit. Although our study reveals a difference in the user behavior patterns between the two platforms, the statistical results suggest that, based on the social media data, the movie did not change people’s social media usage.

  Student Team

  • Lucas Nguyen
  • Jasmine Kwok
  • Xavier Speropoulos
  • Eoin Hayes
  • Qiru Hu


  • Qing Huang, Sponsor
  • Erika McPhillips, TA


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