AI: Teaching a Machine to Learn Math

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Sample Invoice for Processing
Sample Invoice for Processing

About the Project

The AppFolio capstone project aims to teach a machine to learn math. Capstone participants will attempt to train a robot to recognize important data contained within invoices and to perform the necessary calculations on those invoices. This task is important. Figuring out credits and debits is the bottleneck of the payment process. Learning the spatial relationship of data with an arithmetic relationship is a crucial piece of intelligence. With an all-in-one system, AppFolio would like to recover any financial snapshot of any customer in their history.

  Student Team


  • Soeren Thust, Sponsor
  • Peng-Yuan Lai, Sponsor
  • Sikun Lin, TA
  • Ambuj Singh, Faculty

About AppFolio

AppFolio offers industry-specific business software solutions, services, and data insights to the real estate markets. Ranked the #1 Fastest Growing Company in 2020 by Fortune Magazine, AppFolio is headquartered in Santa Barbara, but has offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, and Boston. The company's services are used throughout the U.S.A. Their primary product is the AppFolio Property Manager, which provides solutions to property managers and rental agencies. This cloud-based application offers services such as the collection of rent, document processing, and the coordination of third-party vendors and services (such as hiring plumbers or electricians).