Quantifying Security - Visualizing Usability of Allthenticate


About the Project

The primary objectives of this project are being able to quantify the benefits that our security solution provides as well as improving the Allthenticate user experience. To achieve this, we have two main areas of focus.

First, we want to quantify how much of an improvement Allthenticate’s security solution provides over oexisting solutions. This includes tasks like measuring time saved by using Allthenticate, tracking changes in bluetooth connection, and monitoring app status. We will analyze the user data provided by the logs from readers, as well as the phone and computer apps.

Second, we intend to increase how well the product is working. Allthenticate is constantly improving, and with user-happiness being at the core of the company’s values, we want to cater the best experience for the user. An example of this could be predicting a user’s app behaviors to personalize their UI to give them the most seamless experience for their particular needs.

Building a dashboard took care of both visualization tasks as well as providing a deliverable tool for the company to use. Plotly is an interactive visualization tool that worked perfectly and allowed us to explore with our data effectively. All the visual plots generated in Plotly are immediately compatible with Dash and easily implemented into a web-app.

By having multiple visualizations of our data, we are able to identify outliers and problems with app performance as well as see high-level distributions and summary statistics.

Allthenticate's app was just recently updated to now collect data from real users. It will be interesting to see how these internal tools will stand up to real use-cases.


  Student Team

  • Akshat Ataliwala
  • Calvin Jenkins
  • Bosco De Enrique Romeu
  • Yuki Yamazaki


  • Chad Spensky, Sponsor
  • Rita Mounir, Sponsor
  • Leron Reznikov, TA


About Allthenticate

Founded in Santa Barbara, CA by UCSB alumni, Allthenticate is a cybersecurity company that aims to revolutionize the way that people will interact with their devices. Their products enable the use of a smartphone to unlock everything, from doors to your office, to logging into a website, and even unlocking your car.

The company has broad goals to simplify yet bolster modern network security, where anyone can be authenticated and be able to communicate securely yet easily. With ambitions set high, it’s important to be able to quantify and provide evidence of a superior product, which leads to the need for a team of data science students.