Cal Poly and UCSB Ranked Among Top Public Colleges for Data Science

Cal Poly and UCSB rank 6th and 8th respectively. 

April 25, 2023
Image captured from Wall Street Journal Article
Image captured from Wall Street Journal Article

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal ranked the top 20 public and private colleges according to their graduates' annual salary during their first 10 years in the field. Interestingly, nine of the top-ranked public colleges were from California. According to the article, this is "perhaps because last year one in six data-science jobs were based in the state."

Cal Poly and UC Santa Barbara ranked 6th and 8th respectively among public universities. With their well-established Data Science program, UC Berkeley ranks #1.

Read the article to see the complete list of public and private schools, or to learn more about the anticipated salary of a recent data science graduate. The article also discusses the ranking methodology.