UCSB students visit Cal Poly

UCSB Data Science Fellows get an opportunity to explore Cal Poly.

April 1, 2022
Data Science Presentation
Data Science Presentation

Students and faculty from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo hosted UCSB Data Science Fellows on April 1 for a brief visit. The goal was to share research updates related to the joint NSF grant on Harnessing the Data Revolution (award #1924205 and #1924008). 

The meeting kicked off with brief presentations highlighting various data science research projects from each of the universities. The group enjoyed lunch around the Cal Poly campus and then took off on an easy hike to the Poly Canyon Village and the Architecture Graveyard.

The afternoon saw the data science students form teams to engage in a mini hackathon. Cal Poly faculty presented each team with a different data set and a task to present some meaningful insight. 

The day ended with a treat from Nite Creamery in downtown San Luis Obispo and a suggestion that a reciprocal visit could happen in late May at UC Santa Barbara.


UCSB and Cal Poly Data Science Fellows