lterdatasampler Package Available for Download

Download the R package from GitHub.

April 10, 2022
lterdatasampler Logo
lterdatasampler Logo

NCEAS Researchers Allison Horst and Julien Brun have developed work undertaken for last year's LTER data science capstone project into an R package available for download from GitHub.  DS Fellow, Adhitya Logan also continues to provide updates to the package. 

As listed in the project description, "The goal of this package is to provide a sampler to gather feedback from the community of what will be a larger package containing 28 datasets - one from each of the existing US LTER sites. Those datasets are subsets of the original data and have been updated - sometimes substantially - from the raw data. They are aimed to be useful for teaching and training in environmental data science."

A complete description, as well as contributor and citation information can be found on the project website.