Workshop by Sara Ford from Google

Mastering the porcelain git commands

February 3, 2021
Sara Ford Flier
Sara Ford Flier

Time: 4:10 - 5:00 PM

via Zoom:

Abstract: Have you ever deleted your .git folder to start over? Or panicked because you got into a detached head state? Or thought git log was missing commits? In this talk, you’ll compare similar git commands using a git visualization tool. You’ll recognize the benefits and tradeoffs between: rebase vs merge, revert vs reset, bisect vs blame, and more!  

Bio: Sara Ford is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Google. Previously she worked at Microsoft and GitHub and taught software engineering at Cal Poly. She’s a Distinguished Engineering Fellow at Mississippi State University and has a Masters degree in UX / Human Factors from San Jose State University. She’s the author of two books on Visual Studio and has delivered talks on software engineering all over the world.

Sponsored by Central Coast Data Science Partnership and Color Coded