Data Science Strategic Research Initiative at Cal Poly

CCDS Co-PIs are part of a new data science initiative. 

January 12, 2021
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Cal Poly Team Working on Cross-Disciplinary Data Science and Analytics Effort

The following comes from an article in the Cal Poly University News. Read the full article at Cal Poly News:

A group of Cal Poly faculty from all six colleges is working to support collaborative data-driven, cross-disciplinary research and to expand on-campus educational opportunities in the areas of data science, data analytics and data literacy. 

The team hopes to engage a broad group of stakeholders to envision a Cal Poly that embraces “data science for all” in a way that supports innovative faculty research and enhances student development and learning. The team also emphasizes “data for good” as a guiding principle, ensuring that ethical concerns — about the creation and use of data, as well as the imperatives to increase diversity, equity and inclusion — are infused throughout their efforts.

An important aspect of the initiative is to ensure that all Cal Poly students have the opportunity for training in data science and analytics. Jonathan Ventura, assistant professor in the Computer Science and Software Engineering Department, said “Employers across all industries are increasingly looking for applicants with experience in data preparation, analysis and visualization. These educational efforts are tightly linked to our research aims, since research supported by our initiative will rely on students trained in data analysis, and we will bring our research into the classroom to keep the curriculum current and relevant.”