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Data Science at Santa Barbara City College

A pathway for transfer to a 4-year institution and success in the growing field of data science.

At Santa Barbara City College (SBCC), the Central Coast Data Science Partnership initiates a pathway that facilitates community college student transfer, participation and success in the field of Data Science.

As part of this partnership, SBCC faculty will develop a course to introduce community college students to the core concepts of Data Science, a major area of study growing in popularity at many 4-year colleges. This course will undoubtedly help the transfer success rate of SBCC students into a Data Science major at UC Santa Barbara and other 4-year institutions.

Starting in 2021, SBCC students may apply for a summer immersive Data Science program at UCSB. The experience will give students the opportunity to engage in real-world projects while collaborating with UCSB faculty and students, as well as with industry partners. An early engagement in hands-on problem solving will foster a sense of belonging in the field of Data Science and provide a strong foundation for academic and professional success.



The application is currently closed. 


  Programs of Study

 SBCC Data Science Classes

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