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Expanding on existing data science initiatives to build a more comprehensive and inclusive program.

At Cal Poly, the Central Coast Data Science Consortium will support the expansion of existing data science initiatives to build a more comprehensive and inclusive program.

Currently, the cross-disciplinary studies minor in data science provides Cal Poly students with an intensive data science curriculum jointly delivered by computer science and statistics faculty.  As part of this initiative, the data science curriculum will be expanded to include a senior-level course focusing on the data science process, and a new fellowship program will provide highly dedicated data science scholars with extra training and mentorship.

In addition, Cal Poly faculty will introduce two new data science courses targeted to students across campus, many of whom have little to no background in programming and statistics.  These “data science for all” courses will broaden participation in data science training at Cal Poly and provide all students with a pathway to achieve data science literacy through a project-based learning experience true to Cal Poly’s “learn by doing” ethos.


 CalPoly Data Science Classes

  • CSC/CPE 101 Fundamentals of Computer Science (4 Units)
  • CSC/CPE 202 Data Structures (4 Units)
  • CSC/CPE 203 Project-Based Object-Oriented Programming and Design (4 Units)
  • CSC 348 Discrete Structures (4 Units) or MATH 248 Methods of Proof in Mathematics
  • CSC 349 Design and Analysis of Algorithms (4 Units)
  • CSC 365 Introduction to Database Systems (4 Units)
  • CSC 369 Introduction to Distributed Computing (4 Units)
  • CSC 466 Knowledge Discovery from Data (4 Units)
  • DATA 301 Introduction to Data Science (4 Units)
  • DATA 401 Advanced Topics in Data Science (4 Units)
  • DATA 451 Data Science Capstone I (2 Units)
  • DATA 452 Data Science Capstone II (2 Units)
  • MATH 143 Calculus III (4 Units)
  • MATH 206 Linear Algebra I (4 Units) or MATH 244 Linear Analysis I
  • STAT 302 Statistics II (4 Units) or STAT 312 Statistical Methods for Engineers
  • STAT 305 Introduction to Probability and Simulation (4 Units)
  • STAT 334 Applied Linear Models (4 Units)
  • STAT 331 Statistical Computing with R (4 Units)
  • STAT 419 Applied Multivariate Statistics (4 Units)


 Please Note

+ 8 Technical Electives (CSC/STAT/DATA/MATH/PHYS)
Total Units:  80

 Fellowship Application

The application is currently closed. 


 Data Science Seminars

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